Philippe Van Eetvelt is a conceptual artist who explores and develops ideas about connectivity. His focus is on the relationship between humans and technology, looking through the lens of chaos, the environment, and human nature.  His recent work grapples with the questions posed by the impending technological singularity.  

His artwork incorporates varied mediums including painting, installation, and performance.  The notion of space itself and its relationship with people is challenged, and the ideas of connection and complexity, both intrinsic and extrinsic, human and digital, are expanded.

2017 will debut two films featuring Philippe Van Eetvelt's work.  The documentary Face the Music (Directed by Yusuf Emre Yalcin), follows Philippe's creative process for an art installation in Turkey, during a period of revolutionary political instability.  The PBS feature arts segment, titled The beginning of the end of our universe is based on a work by Van Eetvelt.

A Belgian-Canadian, Philippe is currently based in Montreal.


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